Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Watch Collection: Casio G-Shock G-2900F-1VER - Short Review

One of my favourite watches is this Casio G-Shock. The shape, the band, and its weight are making this watch the most comfortable one i ever had. You put it on hand and you forget you have it, it becomes a part of you. Its light, its durable and soft as velvet. It features a resin band and case with stainless steel reinforcement for maximum shock protection, and stailness steel back cover. A mineral glass its used for enhanced durability.
What makes this watch one of the most interesting on the market its his functions. It has a large and bright display, with auto illumination (blue electroluminescent panel) for night view. Hour and minutes are shown very big, very clear, with day-month and seconds on a secondary smaller line. Also shows day of the week.
It has about the basic and most important functions you expect from a watch of this kind. Along the hour, that can be set in 24h or 12h format, it also has a DST feature, a World Time option where you can see two time zones at the same time, has a timer and a stopwatch and you can set up to 5 alarms with snooze. Also has an hourly signal.
But the unique part of this watch its his "e-Data Memory". What this means ? You can save directly into your watch, depending of their lenght, up to 40 email adresses or webpages, and you can even protect them with a password. Isn't that cool ? Wait, its not all.
You can also use this feature for alarms. You are able to set 5 alarms using any day of the calendair for the whole year, and insert a text too, a text that will be displayed on your watch LCD when the alarm rings, an important event, a birthday or aniversary, or a meeting you don't want to miss. Awesome!

Who says the watches are useless ever since the mobile phone era ?
Highly recommended watch!

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