Monday, April 19, 2010

Watch Collection: Q&Q Quartz - Short Review

These Q&Q watches are quartz watches, powered by battery. The Q&Q have an outstanding look and they are very accurate, about 1-2 seconds a month, and also extremely cheap for prices between 15 and 30 €, depends from where you have them. But these incredible prices have their negative parts too. The biggest two are the case and the strap. The case its not stainless steel but cromed copper or brass. At prolonged use (months or years), the real aspect of the metal will come to surface in places where friction its high.
The other drawback its the strap, who is made from some kind of plastic copying leather pattern. I suggest replacing it with a real leather one, as the original will crack after a few months of usage.
But with these said, you still get a very good quality watch, who is very precise, very well built with nice finish and attention to details. See the photos in large size to convince yourself.
The little one, has a classic design, its very stylish, very light, very thin, and fits nicely when you have an elegant meeting. Its size its medium and can be weared by both male and female.
The bigger one has a larger diameter aprox 40mm (43mm with the crown), its a man's watch. Also features a date.
Being under warranty and having the back cover pressed instead if using a thread, i haven't opened any yet. But to my understanding from other possessors, they feature Miyota movements.


hb said...

could you give the moodel number of the bigger watch? thanks a lot

Gabi said...

Yes. The model number is Q&Q A392-301.